1. KSW 02

KSW-02 filters

Nano Technology Filtraction System

WHITE Multi Layer Bacteria-Removing Filter

Inhibits the growth of bacteria up to 99.7%. The multi layered structure thoroughly removes and eliminates sand, sediment, dust, rust, other particles and impurities in the water.

YELLOW GAC(NSF) Granular Activated Carbon

Strong absorption material in a crystalline form which effectively removes chlorine, colour, unpleasant adour, chemical substances, organic pollutants and other residues.

GREEN Mineral Stone + Energy Stone (SP-5000PI) + GAC(NSF)

Release essential minerals and adjust the water to optimum mild alkaline level. Increase the water oxygen content and physical changed to natural spring water, breaking water molecules into smaller cluster. It also acts as a high absorbent which can effecitively remove particles and impurities from water.

RED Nano Silver Filter CTO(NSF)

Effectively kills 99.9% bacteria, fungus, germs and viruses, nano silver could prohibit bacteria and virus from growing and help to stimulate the healing process in our body. Removes and absorbs toxic chemicals, heavy metals, THMs, and other radioactive contaminants efficiently.

GREY Minus Calcium Ion

It produces negative orp alkaline water, to produce the natural sweetness taste. With the increase in water temperature, no formation of deposits and minimum Ph change.

Said to enhace the immune system, stimulate enzymes and neutralize accumulated acidic waste. Used to promote overall health and healing by bringing the body into balance and for revitalization.