1. KSW 01

Nano Technology Filtraction System

WHITE Alkaline Fir Ball

Stabilize The Water PH Value, Breaks The Water Molecule Into Smaller Cluster, Inhibits Virus And Bacterial Growth.


"A" Grade Coconut Granular Activated Carbon.Thoroughly Remove Organic Molecules, Residual Chlorine, Unpleasant Odors, Detergent, Chemical And Pesticides.

YELLOW Cation Resin Converter

Specifically For The Treatment Of Drinking Water. Removes Hardness And Heavy Metal Efficiently.

RED Energy Converter

Induces Beneficial Resonant Frequency In Water Molecules, Break Water Molecule Into Smaller Cluster.

GREEN KDF-55+JP Calcium lon

Removes Dissolved Heavy Metals Such As Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Chromium, Etc.Adjusts Water To An Optimum Mild Alkaline Level And Increases Calciumions.

BLUE NANO Silver + "A" Grade Activated Carbon Block

Naturally kill 99.9% bacteria, mold and germs. Also help prevent bacteria from growing in the filter. Removes and absorbs toxin chemicals, THMs, and other radioactive contaminants efficently.