1. KSW 17A


  • Exclusive all boiled water, to cool down to get ambient and cold water.
  • Supplementary heating device, to get complete hot water immediatly
  • Service period display, to checkup lifespan
  • Synchronous shut-off of electric and water supply, stay safe.
  • Great capacity 20L storage tank, continued service after power cut
  • Child resistant safety hot faucet.
  • Display board of Cold/ambient/hot water temperature.
  • High faucet area, to fit any water bottle.
  • Exclusive design of drip tray, never spill water
  • Automatic thermostats control by temperature display board.
  • Application: office, school, hospital, supermarket, train station, airport, restaurant and other public place.
Model Technical Data Output Unit Measurements
Packaging Meas.
KSW-171A Hot, ambient and cold water
120V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Hot tank capacity: 20L
Cold tank capacity: 3L
Hot: 15.00L/h
Cold: 8.00L/h
530 x 438 x 1258 mm
550 x 460 x 1290 mm
According to