1. SW-1

KSW Water Ionizers give you all the benefits of Alkaline water.

The leading Hi-Tech product in the world has constant control of ORP and PH, also shows on LED display.

  • Digital filter life indicator
  • Automatic clean cycle
  • Automatic reverse polarity mode upon start-up every 12hours
  • 4 alkaline and 2 acid settings with LED indication
  • Include PH test kit
  • All hardware necessary for most installations
  • Wall mountable option
  • Large LED computer control panel, flow rate indicator, PH
  • level indicator, and adjusting control key.

Model SW-1-5 SW-1-7
Chamber area 900cm2 1350cm2
Titanium coated with platinum
Electrodes 5 7
Water pressure 0.1-0.4 MPa
ORP Range -100 mv to -800 mv 600 mV to 1000+ mV
Flow rate 120L/h
Filter lifespan Approx. 2,659 G (120,000 L) 9-12 months
Filter cartridge Carbon Fiber 1.0 micron**
Power rating 100 W - 200W
Power AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions 255(w) x 152(d) x 330(h) mm

**subject to change without prior notice